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KCMA Certified Kitchen Cabinets

Those in the kitchen industry know that KCMA-certified kitchen cabinets are the gold standard of high-quality cabinetry. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, it’s essential to make sure you’ve chosen long-lasting, durable cabinets. You can be sure you’ve made the right choice if you opt for a cabinet with KCMA certification.

If there’s one thing that you need to ensure when choosing cabinetry, quality is of utmost importance. Whether you want to create a classic or modern aesthetic in your kitchen, longevity and robustness are essential. The cabinets you choose will determine your kitchen’s appearance, so it’s critical to realize manufacturers don’t make all cabinets to equally high standards. Some are better than others in terms of design and quality. Most people want their kitchen cabinets to last a long time. They don’t want to have to replace them frequently or quickly. Therefore, choosing KCMA-certified cabinets is the best way to ensure this.

KCMA Certified Cabinets – What Are They?

KCMA stands for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America. The KCMA puts a stamp on cabinets that they approve as high quality. You will see this seal on any product that is KCMA-certified. The KCMA approval stamps show buyers that the cabinet meets ANSI standards. The term ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. ANSI sets high standards for cabinetry to pass in order to receive approval as high quality. The KCMA seal proves that a cabinet meets all of ANSI’s rigorous standards.

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Are All KCMA Cabinets Tested?

Testing every single cabinet individually is an impossible task. Not only would this be time-consuming, but also it would be a logistical nightmare! The testing process works by visiting manufacturers to take random cabinetry samples. Third-party laboratories then test those random samples, putting them through some rigorous tests. These tests examine the doors, drawers, and finish of the cabinet. They determine how strong and structurally sound they are. If the cabinet passes every test with flying colors, the cabinet receives the stamp of approval.

Why Are KCMA Cabinets Worth The Investment?

When you’re choosing cabinetry for your home, it’s well worth choosing a KCMA-approved cabinet. There are several reasons for this. Here are just a few:

  • They are authentic. KCMA-approved cabinets have the Quality Certification seal to prove they are high quality.
  • They are strong and durable, because they have undergone rigorous tests to determine that they are sturdy and robust enough to withstand regular use.
  • They represent exceptional value for your money as they last a long time.
  • Most KCMA cabinets are sustainable, helping you to meet your eco-friendly goals.
  • KCMA cabinets are stylish and attractive and come in a choice of designs and finishes.
  • There are many different KCMA-approved options to pick from to suit your tastes.

As you can see, it’s a good idea to invest in KCMA cabinets rather than buying a potentially poor-quality alternative.

Where Do I Find KCMA Cabinets?

You can find high-quality KCMA Certified kitchen cabinets at RCD Cabinets. We have a range of solid and durable yet stylish and appealing cabinets to suit every home.