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KCMA Quality Tested

Not all cabinets are created equally. However, at Republic Cabinets, you can rest assured that the cabinets we build for our customers have been put through a battery of tests in order to receive KCMA Certification. What does this mean exactly? The KCMA stamp of approval lets you know that you are looking at a cabinet that meets the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This means that the cabinet has gone through an extensive battery of tests used to simulate years of typical household usage.

An independent, third-party lab selects cabinet samples during an unannounced visit to our manufacturing plant in East Texas. These samples are then put through the following extensive tests:

  • Structural tests to measure the overall structural integrity of the cabinets
  • Drawer tests to ensure that the drawers still retain proper functionality over time
  • Door operation tests to measure durability and resistance to impact
  • Finish tests to measure resistance to heat, cold, and food stains. These tests also measure how the samples hold up to exposure to moisture such as detergent and water solutions.

Only manufacturers whose sample cabinets pass these tests are given permission to place the KCMA seal on their products.