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Are you thinking of updating your existing kitchen cabinets, or perhaps you are ready for a completely new kitchen design. The first step in planning for your new kitchen cabinets is taking measurements to see what space you have to work with.

Finding the dimensions of a kitchen is not as simple as measuring the width of a single wall and multiplying it by four. Remember, kitchens are never perfect cubes. However, finding the correct dimensions is not as difficult a task as many believe.

You can measure your kitchen by yourself to assist and ensure the kitchen designers get correct estimates. All you need for this task is a tape measure, a pencil, some scratch paper or a planning grid.

Taking accurate measurements is very important to getting the exact size cabinets you will need for a successful kitchen remodel or new design.

Let’s Get Started!

What you will need:

  • Tape measure – 12’ to 25’ should work just fine.
  • Note pad – Legal size works well.
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Appliance & Sink specifications or model numbers.

Step 1

Draw a rough sketch of your kitchen. The basic walls and any obstacles that will determine the placement of a cabinet. An easy way to do this is shown in the diagram.

Let’s say that you have 4 walls in your kitchen, like the one in the sample diagram. Wall A, Wall B, Wall C, and Wall D. Note: Always measure the same direction from left to right – Clockwise. This will cut down on errors.

Step 2

Wall A.

  • Measure wall length.
  • Measure from wall to door.
  • Measure door, including the trim.
  • Measure from trim to wall end.
  • Add Measurements 2-4 and double your wall length.
  • Measure from the floor to the bottom of the window, the window height, and remaining space above.
  • Measure wall height.

Step 3

Wall B

  • Measure wall length.
  • Measure from wall start to window trim.
  • Measure window with trim.
  • Measure from trim to wall.
  • Add measurements 2-4 to double check your wall length.
  • Add one more measurement: Measure from Left Wall to Dishwasher center or plug.
  • Measure wall height.

Step 4

Wall C

  • Measure length of wall.
  • Measure to Stove Center.
  • Measure to Refrigerator Center.
  • Measure wall height.

Step 5

Wall D

  • Give total length of wall.
  • Measure wall height.