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kitchen cabinet hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware is a much-underappreciated element of your kitchen design. Most homeowners focus on the colors and styles of their cabinetry and countertops when designing their dream kitchen. All too often, hardware is an afterthought. Yet, the proper hardware can make a massive difference to the appearance of your space. In fact, upgrading your cabinet hardware can give your room a brand new look. So, which cabinet hardware trends are popular this year? Here are six of the best that you should be aware of.

1. Minimalist Style

One of the top cabinet hardware trends at the moment is the minimalist aesthetic. Whether you’ve chosen a modern or traditional-style kitchen, minimalist hardware looks fantastic. Narrow, tubular metal bar pulls are both minimalistic and stylish. They work exceptionally well in the contemporary industrial-chic kitchen. However, they look equally appealing in a Shaker-style or French farmhouse room too. These kinds of bar pulls work perfectly with all styles of cabinet doors. Whether you’re opting for framed or frameless cabinets with slab or raised panel doors, minimalist hardware complements the look.

2. No Hardware

Another trend for this season is the ultimate in minimalism – no hardware at all! It may seem unusual to have no pulls, bars, or handles on cabinets and drawers. After all, most of us are accustomed to having some visible means of opening cabinet doors! But if you’ve opted for a streamlined, contemporary aesthetic with clean lines, it works incredibly well. A no hardware look works particularly well with slab-style cabinet doors as there is nothing to impede their smooth surface.

3. Square Bar Pulls

The square bar pull seems very simple and basic. Nevertheless, it can be an extremely effective addition to any kitchen. This modern style works well with all kinds of cabinet doors and drawer fronts. However, these pulls really complement the aesthetic of a state-of-the-art kitchen. Another advantage of a square bar pull is that it is effortless to grab. That makes this style of hardware a convenient choice for all kinds of kitchens. If you are looking for something simplistic with a modern touch, square bar pulls may be perfect for you.

4. Simple Knobs

If someone asked you to imagine a traditional kitchen cabinet, you would probably imagine it with a simple doorknob. The classic drawer or cabinet knob is round in shape. It’s a look that is still as stylish today as it ever was. A simple round knob is a top choice for rustic and farmhouse-style kitchens. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a simple knob if you’re creating a more modern look. In fact, there are doorknobs available in a choice of styles these days. While some are plain, others are decorative or patterned. They also come in a choice of colors. That means you can easily make a statement in your space simply by choosing the right knob. A brightly colored or contrasting knob can add bold accents to your kitchen and create an eye-catching effect.

5. Farmhouse Style

Although the rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen is a traditional look dating back for decades, it’s still a popular look. There is something wonderfully comforting about a traditional kitchen, even in a modern home. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people still opt for this aesthetic. If you’re creating a rustic look in your space, you need to choose farmhouse-style hardware to go with it. Decorative metal drawer and cabinet knobs and pulls are perfect to complement this style. Curving designs and classic materials like brass or iron are eye-catching and beautiful. They also work especially well with classic stained wood cabinetry. It’s the ideal way to get an authentic look that is cohesive throughout your kitchen.

6. Matte Black

Many people thinking of cabinetry hardware immediately imagine traditional materials and colors. Yet, while stained wood or classic metal finishes are still popular, other finishes are becoming increasingly desirable. Matte black is one option that more homeowners are choosing. Available in both pulls and knobs, matte black hardware is eye-catching and stylish. It represents an ideal way of creating a minimalist look in any kitchen. When paired with black cabinetry, it creates a streamlined and cohesive look that is dramatic and striking. When paired with white cabinets, it looks even more impressive. The contrast is stunning, and it can lift a kitchen to a new level of style.

Where To Find Stylish Cabinetry

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