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kitchen cabinets remodelling

When creating a new look for your kitchen cabinets, remodeling and renovating are two key words to remember. Although people tend to use both terms interchangeably, they’re actually different processes. Let’s discuss the differences between remodeling and renovation when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. We can also determine which option may be right for your cabinets at home.

Differences Between Renovation and Remodeling

First, it’s essential to know the differences between renovation and remodeling.

With a renovation, the function and layout remain the same, but you upgrade to new finishes and fixtures. On the other hand, remodeling involves the features changing completely. The layout is completely different, and functionality changes too. Remodeling is a more significant transformation than renovation, but renovation can be more affordable.

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The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen cabinets, there are some significant benefits to consider. Essentially, a cabinet remodel can bring you both practical and aesthetic advantages. Remodeled cabinets can allow you to create a dramatic new look in your space. However, they can also make your space more functional. You can make better use of the available space to maximize your storage capabilities. That is especially beneficial if you have a narrow or compact kitchen.

The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

If you’re wondering whether cabinet renovation is the best choice for you, you need to know the benefits. Potentially, renovation of your cabinets will be more affordable. You should be able to save significant amounts of money by just upgrading your cabinets instead of replacing them entirely. It will also take you far less time and effort than a remodel. If you’re already happy with the bones of your kitchen, a renovation can create subtle changes for an updated look.

Renovating Or Remodeling – Which is Right for My Kitchen Cabinets?

Deciding whether renovation or remodeling is suitable for your cabinets depends on several factors.

First, you need to consider the condition and appearance of your existing kitchen. Are you happy with the basics of what you already have? Would a complete change of room layout allow you to better use your available space? Considering your functional requirements is crucial. Do you need more storage? If so, that may only be possible with a remodel.

Considering the look you want to achieve is vital, but so is your budget. If you’re limited in how much you can spend, a remodel may be out of your reach. A renovation project will be far more affordable.

How Can RCD Cabinets Help Me Get a New Kitchen Look?

If you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, make RCD Cabinets your first port of call. You’ll find a fantastic range of hardware that you can choose from. With new cabinet and drawer knobs and handles, you can easily renovate your cabinets and bring them up to date. You’ll also be able to get this new look at a truly affordable price. Alternatively, if kitchen cabinet remodeling is right for you, you’ll also find an impressive choice of beautiful cabinets. There are colors, styles, and materials to suit all kinds of kitchens.