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factory direct cabinets

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More Affordable

One enormous advantage of purchasing your cabinets directly from the factory is that they are more affordable. A complete remodel of your kitchen can be very costly. While most people want to save money on their renovation, they don’t want to compromise on quality or style. Buying factory-direct cabinetry helps you achieve this goal.

When you buy from a store or kitchen outlet, you involve a middleman. When the store acts as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer, they add on their own mark-up to the product. Stores and kitchen outlets have overhead expenses they need to cover. Those overheads include paying staff salaries, rent on their premises, and utility bills, among other costs. That is why you’ll pay more for your cabinets if you order them from an outlet or store.

If you order direct from the factory, there is no middleman. That, in turn, means there is no markup to cover the retailer’s overheads. As a result, you can save money by cutting the store out of the equation. You can then divert the money you save to other aspects of your kitchen renovation project.

Shorter Shipping Time

Ordering at a store or outlet means waiting longer for your cabinets to arrive. That is because the store has to forward the order to the manufacturer, which takes extra time. Once the manufacturer makes the cabinets, they then transport them to the store. It’s only then that the store can send them to you. If you buy direct, you can cut out the middle part of that process. The order goes straight to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer sends the cabinets directly to you. You save time, and you can complete your kitchen more rapidly.

More Options For Customization

If you’re planning a beautiful new kitchen, you may want a wide variety of cabinet options to pick from. Buying from a retail store limits your options. Retailers only stock specific designs and styles rather than entire ranges. Buying direct from the factory gives you access to their full range of products. That means you can customize your kitchen design more easily. You can select from a far more comprehensive choice of colors, door styles, and hardware. That allows you to create your dream kitchen without any difficulties.

Where To Buy Cabinets Direct?

If you’re ready to buy factory-direct cabinets, RCD Cabinets makes the process as easy and streamlined as possible. We are a reliable choice for cabinet designs, because we offer outstanding customer service, a design service, and an extensive product range.