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Made in the USA Direct Kitchen Cabinets

Buying kitchen cabinets direct from the manufacturer isn’t always the first option home renovators consider. We’re used to buying cabinetry from stores or outlets, and old habits die hard. Yet, buying from a manufacturer is a convenient and affordable choice. Nevertheless, it’s still important to do your research well, no matter where you buy your cabinetry. Choosing a manufacturer with a strong reputation for quality is key. That’s why selecting USA-made cabinets is always the best idea. You can be sure you’re buying high-quality cabinetry manufactured to the highest standards.

Ordering Online – A Convenient Choice?

Ordering kitchen cabinets online is becoming more popular these days. It isn’t too hard to see why. We all have busy lives, and finding ways to save time is paramount. Going on the internet to find the right cabinets is convenient and time-saving. It also fits in with modern lifestyles. More of us do most of our shopping online these days. So, it makes sense to shop for kitchen fixtures online too. Not only that, but it’s often cheaper to buy cabinets over the internet. Saving money on a kitchen renovation is often paramount, especially for homeowners on a budget.

Although ordering online is convenient, it presents some potential problems. When you shop online, you can’t see the product up close. You, therefore, run the risk of choosing a poorly made cabinet. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid making this mistake. You need to do your research well and choose American-made cabinetry to ensure its quality.

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What About Chinese-Made Kitchen Cabinets?

If you shop online for kitchen cabinets, you will probably find that many of them are Chinese-made products. While these cabinets may be cheap, they usually are poorly made. That can mean your kitchen cabinets may not last as long as you want, and damage easily. This will cause more expense in the long run.

Usually, Chinese manufacturers make cabinets from plywood in order to survive the long journey overseas. Plywood is the best choice for traveling extensive distances, but it also comes with some downsides. Plywood is thin, prone to warping, and can break quite easily. American cabinet manufacturers, on the other hand, make their products from natural wood, particleboard, or MDF. That means that they are of higher quality. They are not only more substantial and more robust than a Chinese plywood cabinet, but they also won’t warp.

American Environmental Regulations Give You Peace Of Mind

In the U.S., there are environmental regulations that mean the country doesn’t permit toxic substances when making cabinetry. Some online-bought cabinets contain harmful glues and chemicals as they aren’t American-made products. If you want to enjoy peace of mind in the safety of your cabinetry purchase, choose an American-made cabinet.


Many American cabinet manufacturers have achieved environmental stewardship. They source materials locally, and their craftsmanship is of a high standard. That means American-made cabinets are safe and high quality.

American-made cabinets are also sturdier as they use quality-fixing materials like screws and glue.

Often these low-quality cabinets are mass-produced, so workers may not assemble them carefully. That means they may be smaller or larger than they’re supposed to be. That could lead to a need for costly alterations after the delivery of the cabinets to your home. Manufacturers produce American-made cabinets to order and have good quality control measures in place. As a result, you can be confident that your cabinets will be the right size and properly assembled.


Warranties are an essential consideration when choosing kitchen fixtures. You want to be certain that you’ll have coverage in the event of a problem arising with your cabinetry. Low-cost cabinets made overseas often have a short warranty period or even no warranty at all. That leaves you with minimal or even no protection should you discover a fault after the delivery of your order. Conversely, American-made cabinets have long warranties. As we tend to only remodel our kitchens infrequently, a long warranty is always best. You can rest assured that your high-quality American-made cabinets will stand the test of time. You’ll also have protection in the event of a fault or damage.

Where Can I Buy USA-Made Cabinets Direct?

If you’re ready to buy USA-made cabinets direct, RCD Cabinets is your top choice. You can make an appointment to discuss your kitchen remodeling project on our website. We’ll contact you at a convenient time to determine your requirements and help you find the right cabinetry for you.

When you choose RCD cabinets for your kitchen cabinetry, you can benefit from outstanding customer service. We take pride in the high level of satisfaction our customers’ experience. We have an extensive product range and offer a convenient delivery service. We also offer a complete design service included in the cabinet pricing, so that you can achieve your dream look.