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Buying factory-direct cabinets and countertops is a great way to save time and money on your kitchen renovation. Giving your kitchen a makeover can get expensive, so it isn’t surprising that affordability is an issue. When you buy from the factory direct, you can reduce your expenditure significantly. Even better, you can reduce the length of time it takes to complete your project. With that in mind, how do you choose the perfect cabinets and countertops when you buy direct?

Consider Quality

When you’re choosing cabinets and countertops, it’s essential to look for high-quality products. If you select a poor-quality cabinet or countertop, it may not stand the test of time. No one wants to renovate their space before they planned because of poor quality cabinetry or counters. After all, renovations are expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it couldn’t be more important to check the reputation of your chosen supplier and the quality of their products.

Consider Countertop Materials

There are a lot of different countertop materials to choose from. You need to make sure you’ve chosen the one that’s best for your needs. PLAM (plastic laminate) laminate, natural stone, marble, and quartzite are your top choices. PLAM countertops come in a wider range of colors and styles and are often more affordable. However, stone counters are a more robust and durable choice. You need to weigh up your needs before making a final decision.

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What Style Cabinets?

Another decision you need to make is between framed and frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets are a more traditional American choice. The cabinet doors are attached to a face frame. Frameless cabinets are sometimes called European cabinets. They have a more modern look as they have no face frame. They also offer a little more storage space as there is no internal stile. European cabinets have a more modern appearance and are often the best option for contemporary kitchens. Framed cabinets are a classic choice and work exceptionally well in rustic-style kitchens.

Cabinet Color And Finish

Cabinets are available in several different colors and finishes. You can opt for a traditional wood cabinet or classic white cabinetry. Alternatively, you could choose dramatic dark-colored cabinets or something more modern such as blue or gray. You can also select from different finishes. Woodgrain is a popular choice, but matte and gloss finishes are also available.

Countertop Colors

When choosing a countertop, you need to consider the different color options available. You may want to choose a countertop with a natural appearance or one that is more colorful. Make sure to choose one that works well with your chosen cabinetry. You may want to opt for contrasting or complementing colors, and there are patterned and plain options to pick from.

How Do I Buy Cabinets And Countertops Directly?

Buying cabinets and countertops direct is a convenient and cost-effective option. When you buy from the manufacturer, you can save both time and money. When you buy from an outlet or store, they add a markup onto the prices. Buying direct means no markup and better value. You’ll also receive your cabinets and countertops more quickly, so you can complete your project sooner. Check out the range at RCD Cabinets now and choose the perfect direct cabinets and countertops for you.