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When you’re choosing between framed vs. frameless cabinets, cost considerations are probably a significant factor. If there’s one thing that homeowners know, it’s that kitchen makeovers aren’t cheap. To save money, some people consider cutting back on the quality of their cabinetry. However, that is a false economy. Poor-quality cabinets won’t stand the test of time and will require replacing more rapidly.

Yet, while cutting quality to reduce costs is a bad idea, you still need to plan your budget effectively. Designing your kitchen is a challenging task, and there are many things to budget for. Nevertheless, one of the greatest expenses of your remodel will be your choice of cabinetry. With this in mind, you’ll need to know which elements affect the cost of your cabinets. Will it be cheaper to buy framed cabinets? Or could frameless cabinets be just as affordable? Which will give you the best value for money? Here, we take a look at both options to examine the cost implications.

Aren’t Frameless Cabinets More Expensive?

There’s a general belief that frameless cabinets are more expensive than framed ones. While this can be the case, it isn’t always strictly true. There’s a lot more that goes into determining the cost of your new cabinets than whether they’re framed or frameless. Below, we’ll explore some of the considerations that will add to your remodeling expenses.

How Many Cabinets Do You Need?

The main factor in determining the cost of your cabinets is how many cabinets you are likely to need. Bear in mind that frameless cabinets can provide up to 15% more usable space than framed ones. Therefore, you may need fewer cabinets overall if you opt for European cabinetry. That could help you to save money on your kitchen makeover.

Which Materials Are You Choosing?

Cabinets come in a range of different materials. Some common options include solid wood, thermofoil, and melamine. Some options are more expensive than others, whether you opt for framed or frameless cabinets. The different finishes, colors, and details that you select will also alter the final price.

Don’t Forget The Contractor Costs

How much the physical cabinets cost is just part of the story. Don’t forget that you may have to pay a contractor to install them too. You should also add that expense to the overall cost considerations. Whether you choose framed or frameless cabinets, different contractors will charge different fees. That could make a considerable impact on your overall cabinetry price. Fortunately, if you purchase cabinetry from RCD Cabinets, you can benefit from our installation service. Thanks to our one-stop-shop approach, our team can design, order, and install your new kitchen for you. That ensures you get the best possible value for money.

Which Offers Better Value For Money?

Both framed and frameless cabinets offer great value for money. When you buy from RCD Cabinets, you can be sure of the highest quality products that are sure to last. Whether you pick framed vs. frameless cabinets, you can rest assured that they’ll be strong, durable, and beautiful.