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european vs framed cabinets

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The Farmhouse Kitchen

The character of a farmhouse-style kitchen is inviting and warm while also being unpretentious and simple. Natural, exposed wood and Shaker-style classic cabinetry are typical of this kitchen type, with soft color palettes. Framed cabinets often work best in this type of kitchen. Detailing like beveled edges, panels, and raised lines are common with framed cabinets. The natural wood colors of framed cabinets also work well in this kind of kitchen design. Also, as framed cabinets are very traditional, they complement the classic farmhouse look.

The Scandi Kitchen

Scandinavian-style kitchens are very popular. The Scandi look is clean and minimalistic. This type of kitchen has a scaled-back appearance for a simple look that is effortlessly stylish. Light color woods are especially common in this kind of space. Frameless European cabinets work perfectly in this style of kitchen. They are sleek and flat, fitting in well with the
stripped-back aesthetic.

The Industrial Kitchen

Industrial-style kitchens may sound unappealing, but they’ve proven to be exceptionally popular in recent years. Ultra-modern and minimalistic, the industrial kitchen uses raw materials such as wooden beams to create a stylish look. Frameless cabinets are ideal in this kitchen type, thanks to their contemporary look and sleek elegance. They also come in more glossy finishes and a wider choice of colors to suit the industrial aesthetic.

The French Country Kitchen

Traditional, homely, and rustic, a French country-style kitchen exudes European elegance. Using natural textured wood, neutral colors, and decorative cabinet details like molding, this kitchen style is inviting yet polished. Soft patterns, antique details, and soothing hues work well together for a sophisticated yet welcoming space. The framed cabinet style works perfectly in this type of space, thanks to its classic appearance.

Which Cabinet Style Should I Choose?

Both types of cabinets are stylish, so you should choose whichever kind you personally prefer. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing a cabinet style with a kitchen type. It isn’t true to say European cabinets only work in modern kitchens and framed cabinets only work in rustic ones. At the end of the day, both are versatile enough to create your desired look in your home. Weighing up European vs. framed cabinets will always be a matter of taste, so go with your heart! RCD Cabinets offers an extensive range of both types, so take a look today.