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Custom Cabinets Direct

When choosing cabinetry for your kitchen remodel, you should certainly consider buying custom cabinets direct from the factory. There are benefits to selecting custom cabinetry and choosing to purchase cabinets straight from the manufacturer. Here, we look at why purchasing cabinets directly from the manufacturer represents an excellent choice for homeowners who are seeking a cost-effective, stylish kitchen makeover.

What Are Custom Cabinets?

When you buy standard cabinets, you are buying a stock version. That means that the cabinet comes in a standard size and configuration. Conversely, a custom cabinet is perfect for the purchaser’s needs. It fits the buyer’s kitchen shape and size perfectly.

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Why Custom Cabinetry?​

There are many benefits for choosing custom cabinets over stock versions. Some of the most significant advantages include:

  • Quality and durability. When you choose custom cabinetry, you can be confident that it will be high quality and extremely durable. You will know exactly what the manufacturers use to construct the cabinets and how they manufacture them.
  • A perfect fit for your space: The manufacturer makes the custom cabinet to your precise measurements so you can be sure it’ll fit perfectly.
  • They’re ideal for awkwardly shaped kitchens. Some kitchens have awkward corners or measurements. A custom cabinet fits perfectly into those awkward spaces.
  • They include your preferred features. When you buy stock cabinets, you must choose from a specific range of available features. They may not be the ones you wanted most. With custom cabinets, you can include all the features you desire.
  • They’re a perfect match for your décor and style. Sometimes you have to compromise if you buy stock cabinets. You may need to choose a different style or color to the ones that would work best for your space. With custom cabinets, you have free reign.
  • You’ll have the ideal amount of storage for you. You can choose the ideal number of cabinets and drawers to suit your precise requirements.

What Does Buying Direct Mean?

When you buy from a store or outlet, they act as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer. When you buy direct, you buy the cabinets from the manufacturer themselves. There is no need to go to an outlet or store at all.

Why Buy Direct From The Factory?

There are numerous benefits to purchasing direct, including:

  • It’s cost-effective. As there’s no middleman, there are no price markups as there are no store overheads to cover.
  • Speedier delivery. There is no need for the manufacturer to deliver your cabinets to a store. Instead, the manufacturer can simply deliver your cabinets directly to your home.
  • Speedier completion for your kitchen. As there is no store involved, there are no delays in sending or receiving your order. That means you can complete your kitchen project more rapidly.
  • A wider range of options. Buying from the factory direct means you have access to the entire product range. If you buy from a store, you can only access their chosen products.

Benefit From Both Affordability And Quality

As there’s no intermediary in the form of a store or outlet, you can save money when buying direct. Stores add a markup to the product price so they can cover their overheads. Buying from the manufacturer means you can benefit from the factory price. You’ll also get the same quality cabinets as you’d get buying through a middleman. That means you get great quality at a lower cost.

Where Can I Buy Custom Cabinetry Direct?

RCD Cabinets is your top choice. As a one-stop shop for design, purchase, and installation, RCD Cabinets offers high-quality cabinetry at affordable prices. You’ll benefit from speedy delivery and installation, too. Most importantly, you’ll receive outstanding customer service when you buy custom cabinets direct from us.