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Open Shelves In Your Kitchen

Are you wondering whether you should include a kitchen cabinet open-end shelf in your renovation project? Open shelving offers a host of benefits. Although open shelves have been out of style until recently, they’re now making a comeback. When you bear all the advantages they bring in mind, it isn’t hard to see why they’re on the rise. Here are just six reasons why you should consider trying open shelves in your kitchen.

1) It Looks Welcoming And Warm

One of the main reasons to try open shelves is their welcoming and warm look. Open shelves are an easy way to upgrade a kitchen’s appearance. They add more warmth to a space when compared to hiding items in cabinets. Remember that people often congregate in kitchens. Installing some open shelving encourages conversations and feels welcoming for people in the room.

2) Your Kitchen Will Feel Cozier And Wider

Enclosed cabinets appear to take up more space in the room. When a kitchen is small, open shelves create the illusion of greater width without compromising on coziness. That’s great news for anyone with a galley kitchen.

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3) You’ll Be Able To Find Your Tools Right Away

Everyone is looking for greater convenience in the kitchen. If you have open shelving, meal preparation and cooking are more manageable, because you’ll see your tools instantly. You won’t have to open cabinets or drawers to find each piece of equipment. Everything you require will be right there at your fingertips. Even better, you may take inspiration from the tools and equipment you see to cook something unusual. If you hide all of your cooking items in cabinets, you are less likely to use them. It can be all-too-easy to forget about that spiralizer or pasta-making machine when they’re behind closed doors! If they’re out in plain sight on a shelf, you are more likely to use them regularly.

4) More Storage Options

If your kitchen is small or the cabinets are already full, open shelves expand your storage options. Open shelves can fit easily into many different spaces and allow you to store all kinds of items with ease.

5) Budget-Friendliness

Open shelving is a budget-friendly choice for your kitchen renovation. With no need for a door, you can reduce the cost of your cabinetry to fit your project’s budget.

6) Add Value To Your Property

You know that a well-designed kitchen can increase your property value. Kitchens are one of the most crucial areas for any prospective home buyer. Therefore, attractive, well-positioned open shelving can boost your home’s worth. Not only can you reap the benefits of your attractive kitchen yourself, but also it’ll make your property easier to sell.

Where To Find Open Shelving

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