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thermofoil cabinet color

When you’re choosing cabinetry for your kitchen makeover, you will want to know about the latest thermofoil cabinet color trends. Thermofoil cabinets are a very trendy choice these days. Although solid wood kitchen cabinets will always be a top option, thermofoil is a close second. Thermofoil offers several benefits for homeowners. Not only is it stylish and visually appealing, but it also comes in a wealth of different styles and colors. For this reason, thermofoil cabinetry lends itself to stylish, modern kitchen designs. Homeowners who want to stay on top of the latest looks often turn to thermofoil when renovating their spaces. So, what are the hottest looks for this year?

1. Classic White

White cabinets have always been popular, and they’re a style that isn’t going anywhere soon. It isn’t too surprising that white cabinetry has been a staple of kitchens for generations. They offer a host of benefits that would be impossible to overlook. Some of the advantages of white cabinets include:

  • Their classic good looks – white will always catch the eye for all the right reasons.
  • White is a timeless color that never looks outdated. If you want your kitchen to last a long time, white is the color for you.
  • White can make a dark kitchen look lighter – ideal if you lack natural light in your space.
  • White also makes small kitchens appear larger – perfect in a compact room.
  • Thanks to its streamlined appearance, white cabinetry is both sophisticated and elegant.
  • You can easily add bold accents to white cabinets or contrast with dark countertops for a dramatic look.
  • There are both woodgrain and matte finishes, so you can select the white cabinets that suit your taste.

RCD Cabinets offers some fabulous white cabinets to suit any home. You can choose minimalistic Matte White, the stylish appeal of Painted White, or the woodgrain look of Mesa White. Any of these will look fantastic in your kitchen.

2. Soft Gray

Although white cabinets are still the most popular choice, more homeowners are now seeking out gray cabinetry. Gray is a perfect compromise for many kitchen designers as it lies somewhere between the dramatic aesthetic of black and the stark brightness of white.

Gray cabinetry brings some clear advantages of its own:

  • Gray is stylish and elegant, with a gentle appeal that is hard to beat.
  • Gray is a multifaceted choice. You can opt for the stormy aesthetic of a dark shade or the calming look of a paler one. That makes it a versatile option suitable for any home.
  • As gray is a recent entrant onto the kitchen cabinetry market, it boasts a modern appearance.
  • Thanks to its mid-way appearance, gray cabinets work well with either light or dark countertops.
  • There are both matte and woodgrain finishes to choose from. Therefore, you can easily find gray cabinets to match your preferences.

RCD Cabinets have various gray cabinet color options to complement any kitchen décor. Two popular choices include the dark woodgrain finish of Grey Linen and the soft and neutral Cashmere Grey.

thermofoil cabinet color

3. Contemporary Neutrals

Neutral shades are rapidly becoming a top choice for modern kitchens. A twist on the traditional, neutral cabinets go with any décor but are visually more interesting than plain white.

Neutral cabinets boast a contemporary look that is perfect for modern homes. They also work well with all kinds of countertops and appliances, making them a versatile option. There are a variety of shades to select from, ranging from the palest cream to the richest beige. Since there are also matte and woodgrain finishes available, finding the perfect look is easy.

RCD Cabinets has some stunning contemporary neutral cabinetry, including the creamy Denali and the barely-there Ivory Painted cabinets.

4. Natural Wood

Natural wood looks are in style this year, but you don’t need to go for solid wood cabinets. Thermofoil is available with a wood grain effect; and it looks equally stylish.

Wood cabinetry is always popular, thanks to its traditional appeal. It works with both classic and modern kitchens and with both framed and frameless cabinets. Thanks to its neutral style, it works with all kinds of décor and countertops.

RCD Cabinets offers some beautiful woodgrain thermofoil cabinet options. Some of the most popular include Driftwood and Sawmill Cliff.

5. Dramatic Dark

Dark-colored thermofoil cabinets are great for making a dramatic impact in your kitchen. They work well with dark décor and countertops or as a contrast against white. If you want to make a statement in your home, RCD has some wonderful dark thermofoil cabinets to choose from. Some of the top choices include the rich Sienna Forest, Nighthawk, and Ironwood.

6. Light Wood

Wood grain thermofoil cabinets come in a variety of shades. However, lightwood represents a great choice for small or compact spaces. It adds a bright feel to the kitchen and creates the illusion of more room. Light wood finishes can also be rustic or contemporary, depending on your chosen décor and cabinetry styling. Therefore, it is a versatile choice for all kinds of homes.

One of RCD Cabinets’ most popular light wood thermofoil cabinets is Ash Timber.

7. Two-Tone Cabinetry

Two-tone cabinetry is a relatively modern look that is dramatic and eye-catching. It works by pairing light-colored upper cabinets with dark-colored lower cabinets. Some excellent pairings from RCD Cabinets range include Driftwood and Denali, or Tin Roof and Pewter Grey.

Where to Buy Thermofoil Cabinets

RCD Cabinets is a great choice. Offering an extensive range and amazing customer service, it’s a top option for the latest thermofoil cabinet color trends.