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when remodeling a kitchen, what comes first, floors or cabinets

When remodeling a kitchen, what comes first – floors or cabinets? It’s a question that many homeowners ask when trying to achieve a new look for their kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of a home, so achieving the right style is imperative. The space must not only be attractive but it also must be functional and pleasant to spend time in. So, if you’re going for a complete kitchen remodel, be sure you get the process right. If you’re changing the floors and the cabinets, you must decide which one to install first. Here, we’ll take a look at your options so you can make a well-informed decision.

Should I Install the Cabinets First?

There are both advantages and disadvantages that come with installing your cabinets first. If you use this option, you can save time, money, and effort. Concealing your flooring underneath the cabinets means spending more money on flooring than you need to. Also, it wastes time and effort to fit the flooring that won’t be visible once the cabinets are in place. Furthermore, installing the cabinets first means you’re less likely to damage your new flooring with dents and scratches. Fitting cabinets before flooring also establishes a permanent footprint of the cabinets and flooring for any future renovations. That can be very convenient the next time you want to upgrade your kitchen.

There are some disadvantages, too, though. If you fit your cabinets before the flooring, there is no room for future customizations. You will be stuck with the same kitchen layout in the future. You’ll also have to cut the flooring around the cabinets, which could be challenging.

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Should I Install the Flooring First?

If you install your flooring before your cabinets, you won’t need to cut flooring around the cabinet framework. That is a task that may be time-consuming and tedious. It will guarantee you a neat look without any rough edges or gaps. When it comes to replacing the cabinets in the future, you’ll also have no problems. You’ll be able to choose any layout you wish.

On the downside, installing the flooring first means you’re unnecessarily wasting flooring materials. You’ll be paying to cover areas of the floor that will remain unseen. It will also be more costly to replace your floors in the future since the cabinets will need replacing too. It’s also important to note that wood floors are affected when installing cabinets above them. It causes them to become worn more quickly.

Making The Right Decision

When it comes to choosing whether to install your cabinets or flooring first, the choice is really up to you. It’s important to make the right decision for your own needs and your home. However, it’s definitely wise to take professional advice when deciding on your kitchen cabinet layout and design.

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