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cabinet trends for 2023

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation project this year, you’ll need to know the top cabinet trends for 2023. Every year, there are new styles and designs that prove to be the most popular. Often the trends remain fairly traditional, with French Country and Industrial Chic reappearing year after year. However, occasionally, you see some exciting new looks that break the mold. This year, there are three unique and exciting styles that are already on the rise. Here, we’ll take a closer look at these three options so you can decide if they’ll work in your home.

Embracing The Japandi Trend

One of the latest exciting kitchen cabinet trends for 2023 embraces the new Japandi style. This style is a combination of classic Scandi styling and Japanese aesthetics. The resulting designs are beautifully minimalistic with an overall light and bright appearance. Natural materials are the hallmark of the Japandi look, with texture and tone creating an inviting ambiance. Essentially, it is a modern style that boasts a calm and restful vibe.

If you’re keen to embrace the Japandi trend in your kitchen this year, there are some critical steps to take. When it comes to choosing the right cabinetry, light shades are paramount. White cabinets are an excellent choice, although light wood styles will also complement the look. These pale hues will create the ideal bright and vibrant feel. Although all styles of cabinet doors can work well with the Japandi trend, slab-style doors are best. They build on the seamless, sleek aesthetic that is so perfect for this aesthetic.

Choosing the perfect worktops is also essential to complete the look. Opt for light shades of natural stone for the ideal combination. Pale quartz or granite countertops fit the natural materials criteria and blend well with the overall style.

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The Wellness Kitchen

The wellness kitchen is another popular trend for 2023. The idea behind the wellness kitchen is a focus on healthiness and well-being. This style of kitchen design showcases organic products.

Not only should a wellness kitchen be aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to be functional and convenient to use. After all, kitchens are often the center of a family’s home. It must be practical for you and your family to cook and eat in. If you’re interested in creating a wellness kitchen in your home, there are several steps to take.

Add a pantry where you can display your organic produce, fresh herbs, and other healthy items. Open shelving is crucial so you can see healthy produce and feel inspired to eat it. Easy to access for your convenience, it also looks beautiful and creates a homely vibe. Marble countertops are another great addition, as they are ideal for keeping produce cold. They are beautiful and also serve a practical purpose – perfect!

The wellness kitchen emphasizes the importance of social connections. Your kitchen should, therefore, have a layout to encourage socialization. Add a kitchen island that you can use as a breakfast bar or dining area to complete the trend.

Organic Kitchen Designs

The third and final new and exciting kitchen trend for 2023 is the organic kitchen. While you may be thinking of organic produce, that isn’t quite the idea behind this style. Essentially, the concept behind organic kitchens is to minimize the use of resources. The trend aims to help protect the environment, which is increasingly at risk through the over-consumption of resources. Feeding into recent moves toward eco-friendliness, organic kitchen design strives to be environmentally sound.

If you want to adopt this trend in your own home, there are specific steps to take. First, the design should ensure that you keep the kitchen’s carbon footprint to a minimum. Buying local and from the supplier direct is the best way to meet these criteria. You should also make sure to choose a kitchen that is well-designed and well-built. That will ensure it lasts for as long as possible while requiring minimal maintenance. The idea is to reduce your usage of harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes. By opting for natural wood cabinets and stone countertops, you can meet this goal. You shouldn’t use harsh chemicals on these surfaces. Also, they come from natural resources and aren’t man-made – another essential aspect of the trend.

To complete the organic kitchen look in your home, opt for neutral and natural colors. Light woods and pale stone countertops are the ideal choices. Another popular organic kitchen trend is to opt for only lower cabinets without upper cabinets. You’re minimizing your use of resources while creating a minimalistic aesthetic.

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