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Cabinet Rehab and Restoration

Is cabinet rehab and restoration the best option if you want to give your kitchen a new look? That’s a question that many homeowners ask when their kitchen starts to look outdated. Renovating a kitchen may seem like a lot of hard work and may seem expensive. However, restoring your existing cabinets may not be as easy as you imagined. Refacing or repainting your cabinets can be time-consuming. The outcome may also not be as good as you hoped. It’s often better to replace your cabinets completely to achieve a stylish, fresh look.

Are New Cabinets More Costly Than Cabinet Rehab?

Although it may sound cheaper to go for a cabinet rehab project, you may actually find yourself paying more. If you can carry out the work yourself, it’s possible to make savings. However, most people lack the necessary skills to achieve a professional finish. Carrying out a cabinet rehab on your own also takes a long time, especially if you’ve got limited skills. It’s essential, then, in many cases, to hire professionals. That can cause the costs to mount up considerably.

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Can I Find Affordable New Cabinets?

If you’re keen to buy new cabinets but don’t want to spend excessively, you need to know where to look. Buying directly from the factory is the best way to find affordable new cabinets.

Most people think that buying cabinets through a store or outlet is the only possibility. That isn’t the case, though. You can also buy direct from the factory. If you go for this option, you can save time and money. Buying direct cuts out the middleman. Stores and outlets add on a premium to the price of the cabinets to cover their overheads. When you buy direct, that doesn’t happen. You pay only the manufacturer’s price. Also, the cabinets are sent directly to you from the factory. The factory doesn’t need to send them to the store first before sending them on to you. As a result, you can complete your project more quickly while also saving money.

Why Buy New Over Restoring My Existing Cabinets?

Are you wondering why it may be best to buy new cabinets rather than restore your existing ones? There are several good reasons.

Firstly, you can get an entirely new look for your kitchen rather than giving existing outdated cabinets a makeover. You may find that you cannot paint your existing cabinets due to their finish anyway. That may leave you with poorly finished cabinets that look worse than when you started your restoration. When you buy new, you’ll find lots of different attractive options to pick from. There are many different styles, materials, and colors of cabinets to choose from. That means you’re sure to find something that fits your budget and suits your style.

Where Can I Find Affordable Cabinets for My Kitchen Renovation?

If you need to find affordable cabinets for your kitchen renovation, look no further than RCD Cabinets. When it comes to cabinet rehab and restoration, RCD Cabinets can save you money as you’ll buy direct. You’ll also have a huge array of cabinet options to choose from, all at affordable prices.